“It is only when we are willing to step into the unknown
that we can expect to learn something new.”

About .

We are a group of people–inspired by teacher and author Robert E. “Dusty” Staub– who are passionate about getting the COURAGE message out into the world.  Through our focus on leading and moving from the heart, we hope to inspire optimism, bright ideas, right action, and. . .(we dream big). . .human cooperation on a global level!

While the web helps us to connect with and learn from each other across the planet, we seek to “walk the talk” here and now, in our own homes, workplaces and communities.   So we are big on smiles of encouragement, honest words, care of self and others.  We believe that the most meaningful currency to consider in all our actions is right relationship–with other humans as well as with the living world that sustains us.  We seek to act on behalf of future generations and believe that much courage is required to do this.  

About .

Are you part of our tribe?  If you agree with any of the following statements, we think you are:  

  • You are interested in mastering distinct acts of courage
  • You would like to share inspirational success–as well as learning and growing–stories about how you (or others you know) have faced fear.
  • You have suggestions for resources (books, movies, blogs, songs, wisdom teachers) to help others achieve mastery in the various, distinct acts of courage we introduce on this website
  • You recognize that what the world needs right now is as many heart-centered leaders as possible and you would like to count yourself among these – no matter your age, gender, race, faith, educational level, culture or socioeconomic status.  

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