“Current reality is the ground upon which you build the life of your dreams.”

-Robert E. Staub, II

Make a list of everything that is working for you, your strengths, allies and resources. Take another look. Are there more resources that are available but not yet claimed, for instance a former respected teacher or coach, the local library, a circle of people with similar interests?

Now make a list of the most significant barriers, those things that limit you as you seek to claim your dreams. This can include physical, financial and social limitations. It should also include your most common self-limiting beliefs about yourself, like “I am not smart enough,” “Society makes it too hard for someone like me,” or “It is too late.”

Finally, choose which of the next six acts of courage you might use in order to maximize your assets…and address your perceived limitations.

For further exploration, see The 7 Acts of Courage, pp. 52-55.

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