Courage, from the Latin word cor (heart), and the 14th century Old French corage:

1. The ability to do something that is frightening.
2. The mental or moral strength to venture, persevere and withstand danger, fear or difficulty.
3. Strength in the face of pain or grief.

Are you interested in joining conversations and reading inspirational messages about people who act with courage in the face of fear or uncertainty?

You’ve come to the right place!  

I believe that our world could use a lot of COURAGE right now – at home, at work, in society – to address a wide variety of societal and environmental challenges.  It is going to take a lot of us to engage in many DAILY ACTS OF COURAGE in order to create the world we want to turn over to the next generations.  

I have identified at least eight distinct types of ACTS OF COURAGE. You will find that you are strong in one or several of these but almost always have at least one Achilles heel that deserves your attention.  Now.  Before life tests you. So that you are ready when your Heart calls upon you.  Homemaker or corporate CEO, millennial or elder, it matters not.  We each and every one of us can be leaders in shaping a more compassionate, peaceful and joyful world through our courageous acts.

If you agree, then come on in, join the conversation and help spread the word: the world needs DAILY ACTS OF COURAGE by each and every one of us!

– Robert “Dusty” Staub

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Explore each of the eight distinct acts of courage:

The Courage to Dream and Put Forth That Dream
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The Courage to See Current Reality
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The Courage to Confront
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The Courage to Be Confronted
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The Courage to Learn & Grow
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The Courage to be Vulnerable, to Love
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The Courage to Act
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The Courage to Let Go
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