The Power Of A Clear Vision

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Proverbs says, “Without a vision, the people perish.” Why is having a vision so important? The answer is that when individuals, organizations, and even entire societies have the desired destination clearly in mind, they can make necessary course adjustments accordingly.

On a personal level, your dream is meant to inform your major life decisions as well as your smallest daily actions. Through the power of clear focus, you have a much greater chance of making the choices that will help create the life you truly intend. Doing this takes courage, since our world has so many naysayers, critics, and now, Internet trolls. Besides those others who would tell you “no” or “you can’t”, you have to contend with your own inner critic, your self-doubt and fear of failure. So it is often truly daring to dream something big and authentic, and then to express that dream, to put it out into the circle of your family, friends and colleagues.

On a social level, it is crucial to have a vision that encompasses core values everyone can agree to. When polarized views, as for instance seen in national and international politics, threaten the very fabric of society, we must look to the leaders who can remind us of our common human values and needs. Fairness, respect, sanctity of life, order. Clean air, clean water, food and shelter. When people can agree on the “what”, it makes it much easier to dance with the “how” in more imaginative, mutually beneficial ways. It takes courage because courage is about heart-centered solutions that may demand change and disrupt the status quo. Courageous actions are not always the easy ones to take, but in the end, the solutions that work for the common good will stand the test of time.

Dare to dream big. I invite you to take ten minutes and write down your chief aspirations in life. Note what you most wish to achieve, to create. What is it you most deeply desire? What gifts do you have to share? What do you wish to leave as your legacy? Now, with the end in mind, begin today, and every day, anew

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